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Password Boss 1.2

Password Boss Editor's Review

All of us have many passwords to remember these days. Anyone can tell you that it's better to provide a different password for each account you have. This ensures that you won't have to change all your accounts if you password is compromised. Password Boss does a good job of keeping track of your passwords or of other confidential pieces of information. It stores its data in an encrypted format, so others won't be able to access it. When you start the program, you have to enter a user name and a password before being able to access the saved information. Password Boss supports multiple users.

Two encryption algorithms are provided for securing the file that contains the saved passwords. RC4 encryption is built into the program and it's the default encryption method used by Password Boss. RC4 is not considered very safe anymore, so I recommend you use the other encryption protocol bundled with the program (RC6). Developers can download the SDK (Software Development Kit) for creating Password Boss encryption plugins from the publisher's website.

A nice extra feature of this software is its password generator. You can customize the strength of the generated password by using a special dialog. This dialog is used for choosing the character set, the mask, and the length of the password. Also worth mentioning are the autofill feature, the automatic backup capability and the drag-and-drop support. Copying fields from one record to another can be done by drag-and-drop. You can also use this feature to move tree items within the tree hierarchy.

Pluses: You can export a list of all your saved information into a text or CSV file. Wizards are provided for moving and synchronizing your data from one computer to another and for adding extra users.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: Password Boss is more than a password manager, being able to securely save any kind of information and even attach files to its records.

version reviewed: 2.16

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